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SAN DIEGO — It’s not what I’d apprehend of a Gen Z playlist, abundant beneath from a fighter blow himself in the absurd aggressions of shadowboxing: “Married Life,” bigger accepted as the affair from “Up,” Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” and Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G major.

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“It calms me down,” Ryan Garcia says. “I charge that.”

The addendum are so soft, but Garcia looks to be throwing aggregate hard.

“It aloof looks adamantine because it’s so accessible for me,” he says. “I could bandy this angle a actor times and not get tired.”

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I ask about the angle that took out Francisco Fonseca 80 abnormal into the aboriginal annular aftermost Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t arresting for the adeptness as abundant as for its breadth and slight curvature, like a corkscrew.

“I abstruse that from watching Sugar Ray Robinson,” says Garcia, 20-0 with 17 knockouts. “We accept the aforementioned anatomy type.”

By now, the kid’s playlist has hit a amplitude of adorning Christian music. I admonish him of his bidding appetite to abuse Luke Campbell — a adept failing adversary he’ll accommodated Jan. 2 in Dallas — alpha with the affliction of the Englishman’s eye socket. Doesn’t complete actual Christian to me.

“He disrespected me off aback he said my admirers couldn’t action for me,” says Garcia, who about concedes, “Like I said, sometimes I charge to calm down.”

Garcia looks to the action with Campbell, a gangling southpaw with an Olympic gold medal, as the one that will advertise him as a force in what has bound become boxing’s hottest and youngest division. He allotment to shadowboxing, allegedly absent in the music, but alone for a moment. There’s article he wants to clarify.

“All jokes aside,” he says. “I’m praying for him.”

For Luke Campbell, he means.

It’s an odd acknowledgment from a fighter. Again again, if you adjudicator alone by looks — like so abounding of the “casuals” who aggregate the aggregate of Garcia’s 7.8 actor Instagram followers — you’d never apperceive he was a fighter. At 22, Garcia has been in the arena aback he was 7. Afterwards that long, alike boyish boxers usually appearance signs: ridges or trace accoutrement of blister tissue, a abatement of the features. Not Garcia, though, who looks as if he stepped out of an anime cartoon, appropriate bottomward to his altogether contoured GI Joe beard.

“I’m serious,” he says. “I adjure that Luke Campbell is OK afterwards this fight. I adjure that Luke Campbell is able to walk.”

Garcia trains beneath Eddy Reynoso, the advanced administrator of Mexican trainers, at a nameless gym busy by Garcia’s idol, Canelo Alvarez, the accepted advocate for Mexican fighters. He is answer by a man he acclimated to idolize, Oscar De La Hoya, who is Mexican American. But Garcia, out of Victorville, California, doesn’t allege Spanish, nor does he feel the charge to affected it. He is a absolutely American conception: a animal of adolescence and appetite with an adept delivery in the latest technology.

Garcia is not accepting Campbell because he waited for a apostle or a arrangement to smile aloft him and acknowledge him deserving. Rather, he leveraged those 7.8 actor followers (and addition 722,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel) to accomplish it happen. It wasn’t by blow but by design. If Garcia makes acceptable on his adept plan — to be, as he puts it “the aftermost greatest boxer of all time” — it will be, in abundant measure, because he acclimated Instagram as Muhammad Ali already acclimated Howard Cosell and Floyd Mayweather acclimated “24/7.”

The question, of course, is can he fight?

“I’m activity to acquisition out — this fight,” he says. “We’re all activity to acquisition out.”

Under the administration of his father, Henry — a applesauce pianist who boxed as a kid aback in Chicago — Ryan was a top-tier amateur, acceptable 15 civic titles. Joe Goossen, the adept Southern California trainer, recalls a jailbait with a banal pro style: “He bare to apprentice the central game, and how to bang with guys up close, but he ashore a lot of bodies in the gym. What was special? Anything he threw with the larboard hand, but abnormally that attempt to the liver. You accept to booty a accident to bandy it like he does, from a distance. But Ryan could bear it so quickly. He didn’t charge to wind up.”

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Garcia was 18, already 6-0 as a pro, aback De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions active him. Still, annihilation in his résumé appropriate superstardom until Aug. 13, 2017.

It was aloof a column of him alive on a Ringside Cobra bag — basically a acceleration bag army on a braid spring. His ancestor has had him on it aback he was actual young. He said it would admonition Ryan’s timing and speed. Over the years, it became his admired affair to hit.

That joy — bidding in a rhythmically able exhausted — is axiomatic in the video. It’s aloof 38 seconds, and accustomed “only” (Garcia’s adverb) 455,000 views. But it afflicted his life.

“The aboriginal day I went viral,” he says.

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Pin on pritty things | Anime Girl Youtuber Zodiac

On Sept. 16, he acquaint the absoluteness of his 11th fight, which lasted 30 abnormal and consisted, mainly, of two punches on two knockdowns, the afterpiece actuality a lightning continued larboard hook. That one got added than 962,000 views.

Garcia could faculty he was in the bosom of a change — not in himself but the abstraction of him, the way bodies saw him. “I was attractive for something,” he says.

A way to complete the transition.

“Put on that anatomy protector,” he told his brother, Sean, two years Ryan’s junior.

Sean, now 5-0 as a pro featherweight, did as instructed.

“I’m activity to hit you as adamantine as I can,” said Ryan, afore behemothic away.

“Dude!” Sean protested. “You’re hitting me hard.”

That was the idea, right? So abundant for the dress rehearsal. Now, the absolute thing. “Make it attending alike added dramatic,” Ryan said.

They awash the hell out of it: handsome big brother allegedly anguish kid brother into acquiescence in the ancestors barn in Victorville.

Finally, a actor views.

A brilliant was born.

“I don’t affliction if they say it’s fake,” Garcia says. “I knew that’s what bodies appetite to see.”

Three years hence, rappers and YouTubers still beg to be on the accepting end of what Garcia christened “The Anatomy Attempt Challenge.”

“It wasn’t because I adulation Instagram,” he says. “It was for my battle career. I had a vision.”

That eyes didn’t alone change his life. Judging from acts as assorted as Mike Tyson’s “comeback” to YouTuber Jake Paul’s pay-per-view knockout of above NBA amateur Nate Robinson — it has afflicted the bold itself.

“I knew Nate Robinson was activity to get agape out,” Garcia says. “Jake visited me like four years ago, afore I was alike big on the internet. He capital to apperceive how battle works. He’s been at this for a while now. He has an eye for what actuality is activity to be big.”

Garcia’s associations with the cyber fabulous, the anatomy ab shots on his Instagram augment and the allegedly amaranthine emoji beck of affection eyes to be begin amid his comments don’t absolutely attach him to real-life battle bodies or determined fans. He gets it; they don’t. But that’s the point.

“The accidental admirers adulation me. They don’t affliction if your easily are up, if your all-overs are moving, if you’re bottomward or dodging,” he says. “People appetite to see knockouts. They appetite to see home runs. They appetite to see ass whuppings.

“Where I apprehend the abhorrence is from the boxers and the coaches, who for some acumen appetite to see me fail. But they belittle me. That’s what I appetite them to see. Their abhorrence and backbiting blinds them into the shots I’m ambience up.”

What makes a acceptable post? I ask.

“You charge three elements,” he says. “I accept to go my fastest. I accept to go my hardest. I accept to do article amazing.”

And what else?

Fuji Aoi  Virtual YouTuber Wiki  Fandom

Fuji Aoi Virtual YouTuber Wiki Fandom | Anime Girl Youtuber Zodiac

“I accomplish abiding I attending good.”

Garcia belongs to one of boxing’s accustomed archetypes: the Pretty Boy. The aftermost abundant one, of course, was his above idol and accepted promoter, De La Hoya. It wasn’t an accessible role for De La Hoya. He was from East L.A. but not of East L.A. He was appropriate — destined for Olympic glory, and finer cloistral from adjacency life.

De La Hoya never absolutely fit in. I bethink him cogent me — at the Riviera Country Club, of all places — that he never alike had a artery fight. Mexican admirers — whose account he so coveted — anticipation him too white, and the hard-cores absolved him, inexcusably, as a candy-ass crossover. On the eve of his failing appellation action with the abundant Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez, De La Hoya visited his alma mater, Garfield High. The army threw eggs at him. De La Hoya capital to be loved, and he capital to get paid. His adventure to accomplish both accepted impossible.

But a division aeon later, Garcia knows absolutely whom he antagonizes and why he’s accomplishing it. He understands — affectionate of like Mayweather — that haters pay the bills.

What he can’t amount out is De La Hoya. Afterwards about bristles years with Golden Boy — accessible feuds, a abatement and new arrangement aftermost summer — he says: “There’s a front, but I don’t apperceive who Oscar absolutely is. I haven’t gotten abutting to him, to accumulate it frank. We still haven’t had that advance moment. Maybe we will, but appropriate now, the accomplished Canelo bearings acquired a breach because I’m afterpiece to Canelo.”

The “situation,” as he euphemizes it, attenuated into a absinthian feud, with a agnate lawsuit. Aftermost year, Alvarez abundantly told The Athletic that De La Hoya has “no adherence in him.” This year, he assuredly bankrupt chargeless of his contract, abrogation Garcia as the bankable jewel in De La Hoya’s stable.

“All the actuality bodies are cogent you? Those are lies, some of it. But aback you get in the ring, that’s the truth. Battle never lies. Who you absolutely are will appear out in the ring.” Ryan Garcia on amusing media compared to boxing

I bethink De La Hoya — about the aforementioned age Garcia is now — cogent me how difficult it was for him to assurance people, and anecdotic the complexities in abyssal his then-peculiar cast of fame. “Same with me,” Garcia says. “Sometimes bodies appetite to force me to be article I’m not. … I anticipate I could chronicle to some things he’s gone through. I anticipate he has a lot of adeptness I could use.”

Garcia endured his own boyish trials. The aplomb he had in the gym alone him in school. He says he was bullied. At 17, he accomplished all-overs attacks. But it’s annihilation he has anytime discussed with his bygone idol.

“I went to his abode one time,” Garcia recalls. “He took me on a bout of the place. But there was aloof article I didn’t feel. Not in what he was saying, but in his 18-carat feelings. … I anticipate he wants to accept a afterpiece relationship. He aloof doesn’t apperceive how … I don’t apperceive whether it was the fame. Can he get abutting to people? I anticipate it would be adamantine for him. Maybe he’s been busted over. Or maybe aback he has opened up, he fails people. But I don’t apperceive him. I don’t apperceive breadth his affection absolutely lies.”

De La Hoya, afterwards audition Garcia’s booty on their relationship, responds: “I see a lot of similarities amid Ryan and myself: success at a active age, the adeptness to cantankerous over above the determined battle fans. … I appetite to admonition him to cross the opportunities that appear with actuality special, but I consistently appetite to be admiring of absolution him be his own individual.

“I would 100 percent acceptable a admirable chat with him about actuality a boyish star, a boyish man with money, a boyish man with whispers in his ears. … Accepting accomplished it myself, accepting my own acclaim and celebrity … it’s a apple of seclusion, a apple of actuality accurate … at the aforementioned time, I accept to accept I’m Ryan’s promoter. It’s not my obligation to accord him claimed advice. It’s my obligation to booty him to the top and to the bigger date and accord him the bigger opportunities.”

As for the Canelo “situation,” De La Hoya adds, citation his boyish star’s crossover address and ability: “I acerb feel that Ryan is activity to be 10 times bigger than Canelo.”

If De La Hoya’s 20-something cocky played a role to amuse others, Garcia is arena a role of his own design. He credibility at his phone.

“That?” he says, “all the actuality bodies are cogent you? Those are lies, some of it. But aback you get in the ring, that’s the truth. Battle never lies. Who you absolutely are will appear out in the ring.”

It’s the ring, he says — and not amusing media — that will anon acknowledge his abundant glories.

He’s talking about article bigger than Campbell. Garcia is already way advanced of himself.

I advance Teofimo Lopez, aloof a year earlier than Garcia but already accepting taken aegis of four failing belts aback he exhausted Vasiliy Lomachenko in October. Not alone has Lopez aloof been called The Ring’s co-fighter of the year but he has taken to calling Garcia “The Model.” What could be better?

“It will happen,” he says. “But Lopez is aloof addition battle match.”


What about Devin Haney, buyer of the WBC failing belt, who aftermost exhausted Garcia in the 2015 adolescence nationals in Reno?

“Just addition battle match.”


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What then?

“I charge to defeat Tank Davis,” he says. “My bequest starts with Tank. I appetite him next.”

At 26, Gervonta Davis is a bunched southpaw and four-time apple best advancing off a amazing knockout of Leo Santa Cruz. A brace of years ago, Davis tweeted a calumniating acknowledgment about Garcia’s parents. Already chatty in the art of internet provocation, Garcia wouldn’t be offended. It goes added than that, he says.

“I grew up in an breadth area there were a lot of Tanks,” he begins. “I got abashed a lot. By the kids abutting door. The kids at school. They would accomplish fun of me. Bandy me on the ground. I was abashed of confrontation. I was maybe 14, never been in a artery fight. And this kid in chic chucks a pencil at me.”

The guy was already 6-foot-2, as Garcia remembers, the academy bully.

“You couldn’t alike hit me with a pencil,” Garcia told him, abashed that, for once, he absolutely talked back.

“What you say?” asked the bully.

“You couldn’t hit me with a pencil.” Garcia still doesn’t apperceive why he again it.

The alarm rings. A babe warns Garcia not to go to his abutting class. “He’s activity to belt your ass,” she says.

I’m done actuality afraid, Garcia tells himself.

He accomplish outside. The annoyer is cat-and-mouse — alone now he’s cutting batting gloves on anniversary hand.

I absolutely don’t appetite to fight, thinks Garcia, but if it’s gonna appear …

He gets into his battle stance. Here we go. Takes a breath. Here we go …

And again the annoyer starts abetment up. Again he takes off the batting gloves. “I’m good,” he says.

Back in the present, with a clandestine chef in a glass-enclosed bend assemblage overlooking Coronado Beach, Garcia says, “When I see Tank, I see that bully.”

That’s not all he sees, though. It will be like Tyson-Evander Holyfield, Acceptable against Evil. No, blemish that. It’ll be bigger than that. It will be like Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston.

“I can go bottomward the account of what this looks like,” he says. “Did you apperceive Ali ashamed the s— out of Liston?”

And Ali didn’t alike accept Instagram. Or YouTube.

“That’s why Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis is activity to be one of the bigger fights you’ve anytime seen,” he says. “I accept to accomplish the annoyer appetite to annoyer me. Or abashment him. I got to do article to get him in that ring.”

That he will. Garcia won’t alone accompany this action as abundant as he will arraign it on amusing media.

In the meantime, he says, adjure for Luke Campbell.

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