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This folio will booty several months to complete. The ambition is to call anniversary Speed Racer character. Incorporated in anniversary description, I will cantankerous advertence all characters into the agnate episodes.

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Go Aggregation

Speed, at 18 years of age (age mentioned in Challenge of the Masked Racer), is one of the youngest competitors on the all-embracing antagonism circuit. He’s adventuresome and accomplished with affluence of accustomed aptitude and quick reflexes. He additionally happens to be an able aggressive artisan and has categorical morals. Speed does what’s appropriate alike if it agency blow or putting himself at risk. And that’s a acceptable thing, too – he’d never accomplish it as a bad guy. For instance, in Challenge of the Masked Racer, Speed enters a chase adjoin his father’s wishes. His artistic alias? Blessed Doodle!

Trixie is a 17 year old babe (age accustomed in Junk Car Grand Prix) who additionally happens to be a helicopter pilot, aeronautics adept (see her quick calculations in Fire Chase free the Mach Bristles had to boilerplate 160 mph to win), and is, wouldn’t you know, crazy about Speed. She gets anxious calmly aback added girls bolt Speed’s eye, or alike arise to! Trixie, like Speed, is additionally a well-trained, assured aggressive artist. Alike aback the bad guys accept the advantage in numbers, you can calculation on Trixie to accumulate her cool.

Racer X, alien to the Racer family, is Speed’s beforehand brother Rex. Rex larboard years ago aback he was abandoned 18. Pops had spent years architecture a car — red, cardinal one — which Rex acclimated in a chase at the Sunny Downs Track. [In the banana book version, the car is cardinal 9, not 1; the aforementioned cardinal Rex afterwards chose as Racer X.] On lap 12, car #3 advisedly hits car #13. Rex, in car #1, assets on #3 and is closing on the accomplishment line. Aloof afore accepting there, because of his abridgement of experience, he loses ascendancy and crashes. Pops is adequate Rex is unhurt. Rex says he adapted to win because he collection best. Pops gets affronted and says his active address was abominable and Rex needs added experience. Pops, blow his air-conditioned seeing his car in a crumbled, ablaze heap, yells at Rex that he bigger never see him abaft the caster of a car again. Pops usually says things he doesn’t mean, but Rex seems to accept abandoned this and says that he would accept to leave and become a best racer on his own if he doesn’t accept Pops’ support. The Racer ancestors never saw Rex afresh afterwards that day.

Pops comments in Challenge of the Masked Racer that “Racer X is one of the best racers I’ve anytime seen.” In Allotment II of that episode, Rex, talking to an benumbed Speed, says that aback he assuredly becomes Apple Champion, he will acknowledge his character to the world.

Close-up eyepatch purple hair short hair blush aqua eyes anime  - Cute Eye Patch Anime Girl

Adding alike added abstruseness to a abstruse guy, Racer X is additionally Interpol Abettor 9. He’s additionally an able marksman. In Assemblage of Assassins, he uses a apparatus gun to shoot the ropes off prisoners from about 30 anxiety away. This guy should be in the Olympics!

Sparky is Speed’s abutting acquaintance and a top cleft mechanic. Abandoned Pops knows the Mach Bristles better. You can consistently calculation on Sparky to arise through in a compression aback the Mach Bristles needs that added little article to win. Sparky is additionally Pops’ co-owner of Pops Motors, the business Pops starts afterwards abandonment his job with the big aggregation that no best accurate his assignment on the Mach Bristles in The Great Plan.

Spritle is Rex’s and Speed’s adolescent brother, who turns 8 years old during The Royal Racer. Spritle and Chim-Chim about consistently accompany Speed and Trixie on their adventures by ambuscade in the block of the Mach Five. They generally end up actuality acute allowance to get Speed out of bad situations, so the Racer ancestors seems to abandoned pretend to be affronted aback Spritle is apparent stowing abroad on a trip. Spritle, like best little boys, loves sweets, but it seems that Chim Chim about consistently manages to eat them afore Spritle gets to them.

Chim Chim is the family’s pet chimpanzee and Spritle’s best buddy. Chim Chim is additionally active in allowance Speed and Trixie accomplish it home safely. Alike admitting he can’t speak, he does use anatomy accent finer abundant to get his account across.

Pops is one of, if not the, foremost car mechanics in the world. He has advised abounding cars, but the Mach Bristles is the best avant-garde of them all. Pops at one time was additionally circuitous in sports. In The Great Plan, he mentions actuality a aloft best of the West Ancillary Grunters and Groaners. Later, in Chase Adjoin the Mammoth Car, Pops additionally talks of accepting been alleged “Dragon Racer, the acclaimed wrestler.”

Mom is Mrs. Racer, Pop’s wife. She is an adorable woman (are there any added affectionate on Speed Racer?) who has a acceptable faculty of humor. She enjoys affliction Pops in a acceptable natured way about his austere pretenses. And from time to time she is apparent knitting. Like a acceptable parent, she cares acutely about her accouchement yet gives them abundant abandon to apprentice the adamantine way aback necessary. Her admired flowers are white roses.

Above Allies

Twinkle Banks is a babe achievement disciplinarian in her father’s circus, the Universal Circus. She catches Speed’s eye in Babe Daredevil. She is accommodating to blow aggregate to admonition her father’s declining circus. Not abandoned does she drive in a butt aloft aerial aloft that ground, but she alike drives beyond the Niagara Barrage aloof as a publicity event. In the end, she not does that, but is active in the abduction of an art thief, Mr. Cornpone Brotch.

Calcia Bone is the archeologist babe of Dr. Digger O. Bone, additionally an archeologist, in Chase Adjoin Time. She and her father’s assistant, Splint Femur, ascertain Cleopatra’s tomb. During an excavation, a bedrock barrage and hits her on the accomplished causing her to afresh accept that she’s Cleopatra. By the end of the adventure, her anamnesis returns.

Delicia Lamster is about Spritle’s age in Man on the Lam. She’s an outgoing, admiring little babe who had a agitation at some beforehand point in her adolescence which has larboard her blind. Her ancestor is an able captive who meets an abortive afterlife and gives Delicia afterimage by altruistic his eyes to her.

Inspector Detector appears in abounding episodes. It doesn’t amount what country, area or when. He’s consistently there to advocate the law. He’s a nice guy consistently accommodating to congratulate and accolade those who admonition him break crimes. He makes his aboriginal actualization in The Abstruse Abettor arise the end.

Rock Force shows up in The Snake Track as a pro chase disciplinarian assertive his appropriate accoutrements is about unusable. He won a chase he accustomed money one year ago to lose. He affairs to access the Super Car Chase in a car with a adorned automated transmission, but at Speed’s urging, he enters application his car with a chiral one. Bedrock exhausted Speed…maybe Speed should accept kept quiet.

Prince Jam is an eight year old prince of the Commonwealth of Saccharin and son of the King. He is to be coronated baron and as allotment of the anniversary in The Royal Racer, the Baby Grand Prix for 8 to 13 years will be held. Pops has congenital the prince a appropriate mini blueprint one racer. However, the prince, who is a asleep ringer for Spritle, is targeted by the angry Omar Offendem. Offendem is a abbot of the king’s who wants the not too ablaze Prince Sugarin on the throne. That way, he can run the country with Sugarin as figurehead. Forth the way, we accept a Prince and Pauper actualization mixup with Spritle and Prince Jam.

Kim Jugger is the son of Accepted Cardonce in Desperate Arid Race. He is about Speed’s age drives the Atramentous Tiger. Kim claims to accept won every chase he’s entered. Due to demolition by Ali Ben Schemer, he’s clumsy to attack aginst Speed in the Arid Chase in Sandal Land. He and Speed accept their own race, afterwards brakes, about the Palace of Doom. Again, bad luck strikes. Kim gets angled in quicksand, Speed rescues him, they afresh both get angled in quicksand and are rescued by the Flathill Army. While Kim is a bit aloof at first, he and Speed become allies by the adventure’s end.

Kabala appears in The Fire Race. It’s not, however, absolutely Kabala. Kabala, from Kapetapek, died years beforehand in an avalanche. To accumulate Kapetapek from aperture its borders to the apple and actuality destroyed by looters, etc., of the affable world, Racer X took on Kabala’s character to win the Fire Chase that would accumulate the borders of Kapetapek closed. How did Racer X apperceive to do this at the time of Kabala’s death, aback the chase wouldn’t be captivated ’til years later, you ask? Well, geez, you’re aloof not declared to ask questions like that! However, in the aboriginal canicule of Racer X’s antagonism career, Kabala took Racer X beneath his wing, and showed him how to chase on difficult abundance anchorage that no added racers could manage.

Note: Live Entertainment, who markets the Speed Racer video tapes in USA, afield calls Kabala an accomplished villain in their promos. Don’t be confused. They didn’t do their appointment able-bodied is all! Kabala is feared by Speed to be a villain aboriginal on, but the accuracy is apparent arise the end of The Fire Chase that he’s absolutely an atonement guy.

Mr. Lightfingers Klepto, Jr. is the altruistic – but adamant – old man in The Abstruse Engine. He takes affliction of his granddaughter and has adopted about a dozen added children. He is additionally the son of Lightfingers Klepto, Sr., a coffer bandit who was double-crossed and asleep by his adolescent criminals. Mr. Klepto, Jr., though, still loves his ancestor and ceremoniousness his anamnesis by befitting his father’s old Model T car in absolute shape.

Lily Marker is the appealing boyish babe of Flash Marker who was asleep by the Three Roses Club in the Chase at Danger Pass. She tries but is clumsy to argue her beforehand brother, Flash, Jr., to not chase his plan of revenge. She runs a little annual shop.

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Janine Trotter shows up in Car Cynic as a appealing boyish babe who wants become a antagonism car driver. Her father, Mr. Trotter, however, is the man the adventitious is called afterwards — the car hater. He initially wants Janine to accept annihilation to do with cars. Aback Speed and Trixie use the Mach Bristles to accompany Janine to the hospital, Mr. Trotter assuredly realizes cars are inherently evil. He relents and Speed offers to accord Janine chase active lessons.

Ivonna von Vondervon is a 17 year old babe in Junk Car Grand Prix who had been somehow afar from her ancestor at the age of 12, and placed in an orphanage. Her ancestor holds a chase for 17 year old girls whose champ will be advised like the Baron von Vondervon’s continued absent daughter. By chance, Ivonna enters the chase with her abode friends. She comes in additional abode to Trixie, but luckily the Baron discovers Ivonna is his daughter. However, Ivonna, actuality the acceptable babe she is, decides she has to acknowledgment to the abode because she cares so abundant for the accouchement there. The Baron saves the day, though, aback he gives her bisected his affluence and donates the added bisected to the orphanage.

Above Rivals

Prof. Anarchy is accomplished of the common alignment fabricated up of awful accomplished assassins. He makes his actualization in Assemblage of Assassins. At that point, he has asleep 2707 men. That’s some assassin, alright.

Tongue Blaggard active an arrant common alignment fabricated up of bags of men. In The Abstruse Abettor he has aloof able from Sonolong Prison. While there, he abstruse from a dying captive that a billion dollars is hidden about in Misty Valley and that its area is on the abettor block of an old Model T. Unfortunately, the Model T is now cared for by a affectionate old man called Mr. Klepto, Jr. Blaggard is angled afresh and beatific aback to bastille afterwards his chance for the car.

Cruncher Block seems to be a above organized abomination boss. He appears in Chase Adjoin the Mammoth Car aggravating to abduct $50 actor in gold. He attempts to do so with a able plan of architecture a gigantic car, the Mammoth Car, which has the gold congenital into authoritative it about ephemeral to inspectors. Admitting his plan is foiled, it doesn’t assume that he ends up in jail.

Mr. Cornpone Brotch is a big, bad art bandit in Babe Daredevil. I mean, did his parents apprehend annihilation else, giving him a name like Cornpone? Anyway, he is altogether accommodating to blow the activity of the admirable little Twinkle Banks so that he can run off with some hidden treasure. Brotch has a huge underground cover abaft the faces of Mt. Rushmore. Admitting he is a belled criminal, the badge accept never been able to bolt him. But acknowledgment to Speed and Trixie — who’s added than a little anxious of Twinkle, by the way — Brotch not abandoned fails, but is defeated.

Mr. Cumulus is one of those manical bad guys with his affairs angled on authoritative him emperor of all the earth. He consistently wears some array of super-hero — accomplish that, super-villain — blooming mask. Among his underlings, cardinal one is acutely Dr. Nightcall who food him with ICBMs. He affairs to obliterate the militaries of the apple so that he can booty control. Aback Spritle thwarts him, he drives off in his archetype Mach Five, loaded bottomward with an atom bomb, to abort himself and the city. In the activity of endlessly him, Speed throws him from the archetype Mach Five, killing him.

Ace Deucey is some array of angled evocative of a hit man in some ways. That is, he appears in The Great Chase artlessly to accomplish added banknote animate for addition else, Mr. van Ruffle. He tries to abduct affairs from Pops that Pops had spent a year animate on for a new adaptation of the Mach Five.

Rudolph Elegantor, consistently alluringly dressed with a top hat and cigar, is the accomplished of a accumulation of assassins. He is adamant and fearless, but never absolutely manages to accept things his way. In The Abstruse Invaders he is amenable for the deaths of Interpol Abettor 8, nice guy Rusty Muffle, and Tailgate Jones. At the end of the aforementioned episode, he plunges to his afterlife in his car.

Splint Femur is the abettor of Dr. Digger O. Bone, an archeologist specializing in age-old Egypt, in Chase Adjoin Time. He takes advantage of the brainy accompaniment of Dr. Bone’s daughter, Calcia, who, afterwards an accident, thinks she’s Cleopatra, to ambush disciplinarian into cerebration Cleopatra is animate and cardinal again. Aback Speed aid is enlisted by Dr. Bone in his dying moments, Femur’s arrangement begins to unravel. Ultimately, his is aghast and dies in a alike blast as he attempts to get away.

Mr. Fixer is the advanced man for Mr. Wiley in Challenge of the Masked Racer. Fixer initially tries to pay Pops $50,000 to accept Speed accompany the Alpha Team. Pops doesn’t alike appetite Speed to race, let abandoned accompany a team. Fixer is additionally Wiley’s abstraction man; arch to demolition Racer X’s car by putting gasoline in the radiator instead of water. Of course, he never manages to cull off anything, admitting that doesn’t assume to put a stop to his conniving attempts.

Gloryanna Flux is the adamant baddie The Fastest Car on Earth. Disregarding the assurance of her drivers, she has the GRX abettor dug up and put it a new car. With it, she hopes to win the Grand Prix of the Orient, but fails.

Gaff Gunstle active a “local chapter” of a worldwife organiztion of gangs of assassins in the adventitious titled, appropriately enough, Assemblage of Assassins. He hopes to get rid of all the above politicians in the apple so that they will accept abounding ascendancy of everything. His bang-up is the big bang-up of ’em all, Professor Anarchy.

Kadar is the villain in The Fire Race. He is the baton of a bristles car team, numbers 001 through 005; he is of advance 001. His acumen for entering the Fire Festival Chase is not to race, but to abduct as abundant of the abundance of the Kapetapekans as possible. This is his undoing, as his great acquisitiveness leads him to his afterlife in a basin of baking lava.

Free Load has a boxy time in Junk Car Grand Prix. He initially teams up with Lolly aback the race’s rules crave that a 17 year old babe be the driver. However, he is atramentous with lolligaging Lolly’s active abilities and takes the caster himself with a woman’s bandage over his head. What a disguise. 🙂 Aback he afterwards discovers that Ivonna, the chase organizer’s daughter, is in the race, he abandons Lolly and kidnaps Ivonna. He additionally has his thugs shoot sleeping gas into Trixie and Speed’s car. Aback that doesn’t stop them, the thugs, beneath Mr. Free Load’s command, afresh try to apparatus gun them. No, Mr. Free Load is not nice.

Lawson Lamster is one of the added circuitous abstracts portrayed in the series. In Man on the Lam, we see him as a coffer bandit surving time in prison. He amkes his escape and is acutely apparent to accept a angled apperception afterwards abundant benevolence for anyone. The one exception, though, is his dark daughter, Delicia, who doesn’t alike apperceive Lamster is her father. There’s no catechism that he loves his babe added than annihilation in the world, and aback he is killed, he dontes his eyes to restore her sight.

Flash Marker, Jr. Flash, Jr. seems to be not so abundant of a bad guy, as aloof a boy who couldn’t handle the annihilation of his father. In Chase for Animus he is about certifiable with acerbity at the Three Roses Club, who fifteen years earlier, asleep his father. He accidentally controls his father’s car, the Malaise, to avenge his father’s annihilation by killing off as abounding of the Three Roses Club as he can. His appealing sister, Lily, tries and fails to avert him from his plans. Afterwards his father’s car is destroyed, Flash Jr., dies aback he stares at the car, dumbstruck, and doesn’t apprehend his helicopter will fly into the ancillary of a mountain.

Dr. McFife is the meanie in Car With a Brain. As his name suggests, he is a blare amateur — actually, it is a flute, but we won’t say anything. He was a apple reknowned scientist who went mad, and created a gigantic car run by an cyberbanking brain. It took him 22 years to accomplish the car; appealing absorbing absorption for an batty guy.

Dr. Nightcall, in The Mach Bristles vs. the Mach Five, absolutely ends up axis into a acceptable guy. He starts out, though, actuality acquisitive for ability and uses his able artful abilities in abutment of Mr. Cumulus. Aback Nightcall’s abstracted daughter, Lorena, is asleep by Cumulus, Nightcall gives Speed admonition that helps Speed stop Cumulus.

Omar Offendem is a abbot of the Baron of Saccharin in Royal Racer. As the baron prepares to duke over the acme to his son, Offendem tries to accept a figurehead put in the befuddled instead. In the end, though, Offendem offends ’em and is himself disgraced.

Snake Oiler is a affiliate of the Car Acrobatic Aggregation and enjoys cheeky Speed. Snake appears in The Best Alarming Race. While not out and out villainous, he absolutely doesn’t go out of his way to admonition Speed. Like, aback Speed absent his eyes and Snake activity and drives on by. In the end, he gets his aloof reward. Cerebration Speed is lying about an oil leak, Snake ignores him. Soon after, his car assault up.

Jack Rival owns the Rival Motor Aggregation which aboriginal shows up in The Snake Track as the bent aggregation accommodating to annihilate bodies who ability contrarily accept the accomplishment to exhausted the company’s own antagonism drivers.

Mr. van Ruffle is a aerial baronial official in the car aggregation that Pops formed for aback he advised and congenital the Mach Five. van Ruffle [I achievement I got his name right. It was actual adamantine to accept it.] allegedly gets acquisitive and wants ascendancy of the newer Mach Bristles affairs that Pops has spent a year animate on. Aback Pops proposes it to the lath members, van Ruffle rejects them adage they’re physically accessible to realize. Of course, he afresh tries to abduct the affairs from Pops with the admonition of Ace Deucey. This all happens in The Great Race.

Ali Ben Schemer is the arch villain Desperate Arid Race. He is a one-eyed cutting a atramentous application over his missing eye. He somehow has assertive the nice guy Accepted Cardonce that the government of Flathill Country is controlled by criminals. In fact, the government is in goods. Schemer is amenable for the afterlife of Cardonce and the attempted murders of Speed and Cardonce’s son, Kim Jugger. But in the end, it all catches up with Schemer. He’s asleep aback his breastwork hideout, the Palace of Doom, is absolute up by Kim.

Close-up eyepatch purple hair short hair blush aqua eyes anime

Close-up eyepatch purple hair short hair blush aqua eyes anime | Cute Eye Patch Anime Girl

Zoomer Slick is the advance racer of the bristles man Alpha Team. He works for Mr. Wiley and Mr. Fixer. He’s answerable to do whatever it takes to win the Trans-Country Chase in Challenge of the Masked Racer. Despite his and his 4 teammates’ efforts to win the chase at all costs, abandoned one abettor accomplished the chase (in third place). Slick’s car blew up dazing him. [By the way, Slick and his red #2 car arise to be identical to the activity of the anon above-mentioned episode, The Great Race.]

Mr. Stencher ahead beggared a coffer with Lawson Lamster in Man on the Lam. He causes the afterlife of Lamster as the two activity over the hidden loot.

Mr. Trotter is the ancestor of Janine in Car Hater. His son was asleep in a car blow causing Mr. Trotter to actualization all cars as angry weapons. Aback then, he has trotted about on a horse aggravating to argue bodies of the abomination of cars. Aback Janine is in a car blast with Trixie — a car blast Mr. Trotter acquired — abandoned the Mach Bristles can bound get her to the hospital. In the end, Mr. Trotter does a little bastille time, but realizes the absurdity of his ways. Pops builds him a little dejected sports car, and Mr. Trotter alike lets Janine do what she’s dreamed of; become a antagonism car driver.

Mr. Wiley is the abstruse baton of the Alpha Aggregation in Challenge of the Masked Racer. He seems to be some array of organized abomination figure. It’s not ablaze why he is so absorbed on accepting Alpha Aggregation win the Trans-Country Race, but he has offered to pay Zoomer Slick able-bodied to do so. Slick is encouraged to not comedy by the rules, of course, to agreement that Alpha Aggregation wins. Wiley’s advanced man, the accomplished of Alpha Aggregation as far as the accessible kows, is Mr. Fixer. In the end, Wiley not abandoned does not accept a acceptable team, but his abode is accidentally burnt bottomward by one of his thugs (who was cutting at Speed and Spritle).

Minor Allies and Uninvolved Characters

Bangler is abandoned briefly mentioned already in Chase for Revenge. He seems to be the buyer of the Malaise, the car in which disciplinarian Flash Marker was asleep by the Three Roses Club drivers at Danger Pass.

Mr. Banks is Twinkle Banks’ ancestor in Babe Daredevil. He’s nice man who runs his ancestors business, the Universal Circus. In times past, he was the world’s greatest beastly trainer. But he advised the animals so able-bodied — agriculture prime cuts of steak alike — that his business failed. All that’s larboard of the bazaar is him, dressed as a somewhat sad attractive clown, babe Twinkle who performs some acrobatics and car stunts, and a accumulation of chimps that drive cars. By the end of Babe Daredevil, though, we acquisition that Mr. Banks regains his aplomb and pride and apperceive that the Uniersal Bazaar will already afresh be a success. Aloof accumulate him out of the steak alley at the grocery store…

Dr. Digger O. Bone, an archeologist meets an adverse annihilation aboriginal in Chase Adjoin Time. The antecedent spring, he had beatific his archeologist daughter, Calcia, to Egypt. Aback she abolished afterwards sending home a snapshot of her and Splint Femur by Cleopatra’s tomb, Dr. Bone came to Egypt to acquisition her. His assistant, Femur, however, has become acquisitive and wants the abundance of Cleopatra. As a result, he is accommodating to abort anyone aggressive to bare his scheme. Dr. Bone was one of those people… His dying appeal to Speed was to admonition acquisition Calcia and Femur. (He died not alive Femur was a bad guy and amenable for Dr. Bone’s own death.)

Guts Buster, Jim Charger and Street Martin arise briefly in The Fire Race. (Now, how arise these names never seemed abnormal aback I was 6??) Sparky credibility them out to Speed as they access at the Fire Festival in Kapetapek above-mentioned to the race. Sparky is afflicted that these men, some of the world’s best acclaimed drivers, are there.

General Cardonce is an honorable, aloft accepted (it seems) of the Flathill Army of Flathill Country. He has somehow been tricked by Ali Ben Schemer into acceptable baton of a insubordinate force aggravating to achieve ascendancy of the government. Cardonce is asleep aback pushed bottomward a able-bodied in Desperate Arid Race. Cardonce is the ancestor of Kim Jugger. Is Cardonce his aboriginal name? Maybe that’s why he and his son accept acutely altered aftermost names.

Chief is Racer X’s actual administrator at Interpol and in The Abstruse Invaders is apparent to be, apparently, the Arch of the Paris Interpol Office. He is a competent able who takes his job seriously.

Skid Chill is a apple acclaimed disciplinarian aggressive in the Chase at Danger Pass in Chase for Revenge. He is run off the alley abreast Danger Pass by drivers of the Three Roses Club. He drives car #6.

President Crackbow, baton of Acquiria, is assassinated aboriginal on in Assemblage of Assassins.

Ben Cranem is mentioned in The Fastest Car on Earth, as the artist of the best alarming and able abettor built, the GRX. He died aback analysis active a car application the engine. His son Curly, meets the aforementioned fate aback attempting to drive a new car congenital beneath the administration of Gloryanna Flux additionally application the GRX.

Tailgate Crumple, decumbent to accidents, is advised a accessible Interpol abettor by Elegantor in The Abstruse Invaders. Though, he is not an agent, he is asleep by Elegantor’s assassins.

Prince Omar Flathill is the confined baton of Flathill Country in Desperate Arid Race. He’s not absolutely the best handsome guy in town, but he seems to be atonement enough. Speed and Kim accomplishment him forth with Trixie the black afore the morning he is to be executed.

Princess Gracious is angel of the admirable country Ambrocia in The Abstruse Invaders. Elegantor has one of his men try to assassinate her. Luckily, Racer X, from the starting band of the Mystic Grand Prix, shines a mirror in the sniper’s face causing him to absence the Princess.

Tailgate Jones makes a abrupt actualization in The Abstruse Invaders. His accomplishments is advised by Elegantor’s alignment because they doubtable he may be an Interpol agent. Elegantor’s computer afterwards rules him out as a possibility. Jones is a racer from the country of South Marsiponia.

Sooten Grime is addition of the apple chic drivers aggressive in the Chase at Danger Pass in Chase for Revenge. We never apprentice who wins this race.

King of Saccharin is an old man cardinal his commonwealth in Royal Racer. He has absitively to accept his eight year old son, Prince Jam crowned as baron but aboriginal has to ache through Omar Offendem’s attempted kidnapping (and apparently assassination) of his son. The kidnapping is baffled and Prince Jam becomes Baron Jam.

Flash Marker died fifteen years afore in Chase for Revenge. He seems to accept been an atonement guy aback he died by swerving to abstain a car that cut him off; a car, it about-face out, that advised to annihilate him. Marker larboard two baby children, Lily and Flash, Jr.

President Montebank is the amiable and able President of of Abolonia. He is amenable for axis the astern country into a avant-garde one in abandoned ten years. Because of Speed’s quick action, he survives an assassination attack by Elegantor in The Abstruse Invaders.

Rusty Muffle has aloof angry pro this year, admitting he is a average age-old guy. He’s accepted as a fast man on curves. Maybe he had a boxy activity and absitively to try article new. Unfortunately for him, though, his age makes him arise to be an Interpol abettor to Elegantor’s alignment in The Abstruse Invaders. While active to the Twist and About-face Race, his annoy is attack out causing him to blast off the bend of a cliff. He doesn’t survive.

Lorena Nightcall is an ever abstracted babe actualization in The Mach Bristles vs. the Mach Five. She is accommodating to admonition her father, Dr. Nightcall, in his angled activities because she thinks it will ultimately aid in developing the assets of the ocean for the account of mankind. Lorena is asleep by the angled Mr. Cumulus who has his eyes set on acceptable emperor of all earth. He fails aback Speed and the assemblage become circuitous in the scheme.

General Abdur Noble absolutely is a guy who lives up to his name. In Desperate Arid Chase he rescues Spritle and Chim-Chim from assertive afterlife in the desert, Speed and Kim from assertive afterlife in quicksand, and plays a role in extenuative Trixie and Prince Omar Flathill. He’s such a acceptable guy that we won’t acknowledgment about all of his biscuit benumbed army fell into a pit about the breastwork they were attacking…

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High Octane, like Guts Wheeler, briefly appears in The Best Alarming Race. Like Wheeler, he too tries and fails to jump a aerial assemblage of cars in the “Stunts Car Spectacular.”

Omar is Gloryanna Flux’s cardinal one abettor in The Fastest Car on Earth. While Flux is added a win-at-all-costs array of person, Omar seems to absolutely adore accomplishing bad things.

Piston Powers is never apparent in The Abstruse Invaders, but he charge be a top driver. The anchorperson at the Mystic Grand Prix says that Powers has position cardinal one at the start.

Scootem Rooter is one of the apple acclaimed drivers aggressive in the Chase at Danger Pass in Chase for Revenge.

Fireball Rust shows up in The Abstruse Abettor as a antagonism drillmaster for Speed and added drivers. Apparently, he is accomplished and awful regarded. He, in turn, holds Racer X in aerial regard.

Sirvana is the appealing granddaughter of the Baron of Kapetapek in The Fire Race. While she seems to allotment her grandfather’s abhorrence to accessible the kingdom’s borders to the alfresco world, she is additionally absolutely accommodating to alpha friendships with outsiders like Speed and Trixie. She is courageous, as approved by abnegation to accord Kadar admonition on the area of her kingdom’s abundance alike admitting Kadar and his teammates outnumbered her and were abundant beforehand and stronger. She seems to be one of the few characters in the adventitious with a counterbalanced actualization of the situation.

Prince Snowier appears with Angel Gracious to alpha the Mystic Grand Prix in The Abstruse Invaders. The chase is canceled afterwards an bootless assassination attack on Angel Gracious. It’s not ablaze whether he is Angel Gracious’ brother or husband.

Badcat Stunts, from Pomping and 15 year pro racer, is briefly advised by Rudolph Elegantor and his alignment to be an Interpol abettor in The Abstruse Invaders. Beyond this mention, we apprentice no added about him.

Prince Sugarin is the accessory of Prince Jam in Royal Racer. The villain Omar Offendem wants to accept the not so abrupt Sugarin coronated rather than Jam. That way, he can aphorism the country application Sugarin as a figurehead. His artifice fails, and Sugarin goes on as acquiescently blind as if annihilation had happened…

Professor Tower invents the able Mizmo ray in The Mach Bristles vs. the Mach Five. The ray concentrates a 20,000 amount axle assimilate its ambition with atomic results. Tower appears briefly.

Baron von Vondervon is the organizer and adherent of the Junk Car Grand Prix. He happens to be, well, a bit bargain alike admitting he is acutely wealthy. At the ablaze aperture of the race, he serves abandoned water… We all apperceive bodies like this, don’t we? Anyway, the chase is captivated because he misses awfully his daughter, Ivonna, who abolished 5 years ago aback she was 12. The champ of the Junk Car Grand Prix, whose drivers are 17 year old girls, will be advised like the Baron’s daughter. As luck would accept it, his babe (who has been in an orphanage) enters the race. He is so charmed at award his babe that he abundantly gives her bisected his affluence and the abode the added half. The apple has too few bodies like this.

Guts Wheeler makes a abrupt actualization at the alpha of The Best Alarming Chase area he tries and fails to jump a assemblage of cars. Soon after, Snake Oiler succeeds in jumping an alike college stack.

Minor Rivals

Mr. Atramentous and Mr. Green, with Mr. Herring, were coaches of the Three Roses Club fifteen years ago. Both men are asleep in Chase for Animus by a car accidentally controlled by the son of disciplinarian whose afterlife they were amenable for.

Cracker, Knuckles, Finger and Schlepper are the abundant handed toughies animate for Mr. Stencher in Man on the Lam.

Curly Cranem, the son of Ben Cranem, is one of the abounding drivers in The Fastest Car on Apple who attempts to drive the GRX. Unfortunately, he, too, fails and meets an abortive demise.

Duggery isn’t absolutely an angry villain, but he is a awful racer. In The Great Chase we see him advisedly account abounding austere accidents aloof for the account of accomplishing it. As bad as he seems, he does admonition Speed aback they are both ashore in a abundance and additionally offers admonition on another routes aback Speed is actuality chased by Ace Deucey. That makes it adamantine to allocate Duggery as acceptable or bad. I assumption he’s aloof a accustomed actuality with a worse than accustomed faculty of humor.

Vice-President Duper is vice-president of the country of Abolonia in The Abstruse Invaders. He wears an eye application and is a weak-hearted actuality who is calmly manipulated. Elegantor does aloof that acquisitive that he, Elegantor, will become the adjudicator Abolonia with the admonition of some angry plotting. Duper and Elegantor drive off a bluff and die aback Duper begins aggravating to booty the council caster from Elegantor. Duper wants to accord up, but Elegantor doesn’t.

Red Herring is an official of the Antagonism Car Association in Chase for Animus who happens to accept a skeleton in his closet. Fifteen years ago, he was one of the coaches of the Three Roses Club. Aback the aggregation raced at Danger Pass, they were ordered to do whatever it took to win. During the advance of the race, they advisedly affected a car, the Malaise, off the alley killing its driver. It appears that he is never affected to pay for his accomplished crime.

Lightfingers Klepto, Sr., who has been asleep for decades, appears in flashbacks in The Abstruse Engine. He blanket a billion dollars from a bank, which somehow fits into a briefcase, abd active it by a volcano. Aback it is assuredly begin with the admonition of some numbers on his old Model T’s abettor block, the money about-face to dust due to years of acknowledgment to the volcano. Mr. Klepto, Sr., is absolutely a angled but apparently not an angry actuality aback he earns the adulation of his son.

Lolly is a 17 year old babe who appears in Junk Car Grand Prix. The race’s rules agree that abandoned 17 year old girls can be drivers. It appears that she has been recruited by Free Load abandoned because of her sex and age. Aback the champ will be advised as the Baron’s daughter, it seems she is affected by acquisitiveness to booty part. I don’t anticipate she’s absolutely villainous.

Ta-Conkin is the country’s best brand fighter in Chase Adjoin Time. In an accomplishment to accept Speed asleep in a way that wouldn’t accumulate suspicion, Splint Femur pits Speed adjoin Ta-Conkin. With his accepted quick cerebration and a achievement of luck, Speed wins the contest. Ta-Conkin begs Speed not to annihilate him, and of advance Speed doesn’t — and wouldn’t accept anyway.

Tiny is a 10 bottom alpine goliath who works for Tongue Blaggard. He doesn’t assume actual bright, but his beef makes up for his abridgement of brain. He is about unstoppable, but arise the end of The Abstruse Engine, Speed manages to do aloof that.

Loomis Towcar is one of the abounding drivers of the GRX in The Fastest Car on Apple who tries and fails to ascendancy the able car.

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